tyQSL - Online Logbook

all your QSOs in one Place, anywhere and at any time

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User Dashboard

A Quick overview of your QSOs on one simple page. Includings a map, basic statistics and your last QSOs

The Logbook

Look trough all QSOs of the selected Logbook including Filter Options to find a specific QSO

Add a QSO in Seconds. Autofill of time, date and if a Satellite is selected even mode, bands and frequencies

Interactive QSO Map

Your worked Grids all on a nice interactive Map


Manage your Logbooks, make them public and see your confirmed Callsigns

Public Profile

Let other Ham Radio Operators take a look at your QSOs from the Logbooks you made public

Current features

  • Puplic Profile
  • Public Logbooks
  • Basic QSO logging
  • Basic Statistics
  • multiple Logbooks [PRO]
  • Logbook Filter
  • QSO Map per Country
  • worked Grids map [PRO]
  • ADIF Export
  • ADIF Import