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All your QSO Statistics in a nice Overview

  • All important QSO statistics at a glance
  • Interactive QSO heatmap
  • News Announcements


View your Logbooks and search for QSOs

The Logbook page let's you search all your Logbooks you have created and is your primary entry into your QSOs.

  • All important infos of your QSO at a glance
  • View Upload and QSL Status of external Services
  • Switch between all your Logbooks
  • Use filters to find the QSOs you want to see
  • Click on a QSO to view or Edit it
  • Export your filtered Log to ADIF
  • Upload your filtered Log to Clublog
  • Upload your filtered Log to eQSL
  • Click Add QSO to go to the Logger Page


A simple Logger with handy features

  • Simple streamlined Layout
  • No overloaded form, just the essentials
  • Live DXCC Check while Typing the Call
  • Live Check if Call is already in your Log
  • Live infos about the last QSO with the Call
  • Autofill function for Satellites
  • Log QSOs from WSJTX with one click!
  • Realtime Upload of your QSOs to Clublog
  • Realtime Upload of your QSOs to eQSL

Public Profile

Share your QSO Statistics and even your whole Logbook with others

A Place for other hams to take a look at your QSO Statistics as well as search for QSOs in your Logbook that you made public. Just click onto your name in the Menu Bar when you are logged in to get to your public profile.

  • Shows the users Valid Callsigns
  • Look at QSO Statistics
  • Search Public Logbooks
  • Filters are avaliable to find QSOs fast
  • Just share the Link on Social Media, QRZ, or Similar with others

Other Functions

ADIF Import

Import ADIF Files in Seconds
Perfect to get all your QSOs into tyQSL
Up to 5000 QSOs per File

Multiple Callsigns

Add multiple Callsigns to your Account
They show up on your public Profile

Multiple Logbooks

Add multiple Logbooks to sort your QSOs
Decide for each Logbook if it is Public

3rd Party Connections

Upload your QSOs to other Services Automatically like Clublog
No need to ex-/import ADIF Files

Get a PRO Account

For Anyone that Supports Us with a Donation

You get Features that we can't finance for free Users in exchange

Donate and get all Features for a Year


A Interactive Map to view your QSOs

  • show all worked Grids by Logbook
  • Field Map Overlay
  • US Grid Overlay
  • Satellite Map avaliable
  • See all QSOs for a Square by a single Click
  • Take a look at future Activities of other Users