About Us

TyQSL is programmed by german Hamradio Operator and Software Developer Manuel - DO5TY, or Tysonpower on the Web.

The Software started as a little and very simple website in 2018 and was just for privat use by me.
I build a Logbook that had everything essential i need as well as a few nice features like a QSO Map, that not many log Programs had.
Another goal was to make a modern looking Software, because most software for ham use is quite old unfortunately.

After a while a few friendly Ham Operators asked if they could use it, so it got more sophisticated.
In 2019 the Whole Project got into Beta Status and got the Domain tyqsl.eu.
Thanks to all Beta testers for giving Feedback and working with me testing new features.

Also a Special Thank you to DL7AG for suggesting me new Features and improvements from the standpoint of an experienced Ham radio Operator.
He helped me made tyqsl into what it is today true extensive testing and feedback.

Mid 2019 it was decided to rewrite the whole project to improve on a lot of things and also make it somewhat future proof.
The whole Design of the App was also changed to make it look more modern as well as making it even more user friendly.

If you have any Ideas or Feedback, please send them by Email to support@tyqsl.eu.


The following Features are planned to be implemented in the future:

  • Logger Optimizations - Soon
  • external API - in the near Future
  • Offline mode - Maybe sometime


The Changelog of tyQSL is now placed and Updated in the DOCS: docs.tyqsl.eu/changelog